QRIS State Profile

This profile is from the Quality Compendium—a comprehensive resource for information about all of the QRIS operating in the U.S. and its Territories. It was developed by a partnership of the BUILD Initiative, the Early Learning Challenge Collaborative, and Child Trends.

QRIS Resource Guide Examples

Cost Projections and Financing

Oregon Used Provider Cost of Quality Calculator (PCQC) in Design of QRIS

Oregon was one of three states selected to pilot the Provider Cost of Quality Calculator (PCQC). They used the calculator to create scenarios and review them with various stakeholders. The process provided several key points of learning, including a focus on “the few and the powerful” in terms of standards and other specific standards because of the projected fiscal impact. As a result, Oregon decided not to include Caring for our Children group size and ratio standards because of the fiscal impact. Oregon also realized the significant cost to programs to provide staff benefits as well as the fiscal value of programs participating in the Child and Adult Care Food Programs. Oregon then planned to include the PCQC as a tool in child care administration classes.